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In an age where “If You See Something, Say SomethingTM” is critical, Boyce Technologies Inc. is proud to introduce the state of the art "Help Point" Intercom Unit security device. The BTI Intercom Unit is based on the design of Antenna Design New York Inc. Using innovative technology, advanced manufacturing techniques and best in class resource providers, BTI is able to offer a world class device which provides hands free VoIP intercom over wired or wireless mesh networks along with high quality video surveillance in a sleek, durable and fully integrated solution. This Intercom Unit has been specifically developed for the harsh transit environment and is provided as an expandable, reliable and maintainable life safety communications and security device. 


Features of BTI Intercoms and Access Nodes

Wireless Access Node

The BTI Access Node has been specifically developed for use in the harsh transit environment and is provided as an expandable, reliable and maintainable Ethernet edge service unit for life safety communications and security devices.

The BTI Access Node is part of a family of products to serve several different (wired and wireless) needs within a station LAN deployment. It is offered to provide edge devices network connectivity over standard Category 5/5e/6 cabling, along with dedicated power wiring. And it can be connected to existing networks using Fiber or Gig E copper. Connections to client devices are made by standard Category 5/5e/6 cabling infrastructure; no special connectors, cable tests, or connections are required.

The BTI Access Node also reduces the amount of distributed power conduits and cables. With AC to DC rectification, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 48VDC MidSpan Injectors, the BTI Access Node eliminates concerns related to voltage drop associated with long runs of DC cabling.
The Ethernet switch allows for edge devices to operate at high speed beyond the distance limitation imposed by station layouts. The BTI Access Node incorporates either one or two 8-port Ethernet switches, which reduces the number of ports consumed on existing Ethernet edge and core switches in the main communications room.




  • SIP VoIP Intercom with call chain capabilities, onboard WAV message handling and enhanced audio tailoring settings
  • Integrated 20 Watt audio amplifier
  • Continuously illuminated brilliant blue beacon with emergency call identification
  • Illuminated Emergency and Information pushbuttons with pending call feedback
  • Integrated induction loop system with embedded telecoils for hearing impaired
  • Multiple input power options (AC, 48VDC and PoE)
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Universal mounting backbox
  • Designed for NEMA 4X rated chassis and input/output connections
  • Available in three heights (68” and 62” MTA QPL, and 56” submission pending)
  • Fully integrated and modular enclosure which is attractive, robust and maintainable
  • Illuminated Out-Of-Service indication
  • Manufactured from 85% reclaimed materials
  • CyberLock® controlled access


Enhanced Features
Inclusive of all base Intercom Unit features, the following enhancements for increased functionality are available for factory or field installation.

  • Approved Help Point Power System with managed UPS
  • Approved wireless mesh access point with embedded MIMO antennas for secure connectivity
  • Provision for optional externally mounted MIMO antennas
  • Provision for optional 180 degree view IP camera
  • Provision for optional dash IP camera
  • Provision for optional Ethernet managed PoE switch with SFP interfaces
  • Provision for optional external PoE downlink network devices, such as IP Cameras, IP Phones, or Access Points
  • Provision for optional additional power and control with auxiliary 48VDC, 2 relay outputs and up to 27 additional inputs


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